Our Services

At Simply Sweet Health we specialize in family medicine and see patients of all ages. 

Members have increased access to their healthcare through our direct primary care model.

Our patients get extended, relaxed visits and get to know us. 

Because we accept less patients, you will have a real relationship with your healthcare provider.

At Simply Sweet Health, you are our number one priority. 

List of Covered Services
(Not comprehensive)

  • In-office visits

  • House calls (limited availability)

  • Physicals/preventative care

  • Sports/School physicals

  • Pre-operative evaluations

  • Management of acute and chronic illness

  • Urgent care visits

  • Phone, text, email, video access

  • Use of the Atlas.MD patient access portal

  • Pre-conception counseling/pregnancy planning

  • Women's health (Pap, contraception management, HRT)

  • EKGs

  • Spirometry

  • Headache management

  • Joint injections 

  • Lab draws

List of Uncovered Services
(Not comprehensive)

  • Lab work (heavily discounted, up to 90% off!)

  • Pathology fees (also heavily discounted!)

  • Immunizations (we cannot, at this time, due to cost, we will work with you on this and help you arrange them)

  • Prenatal/obstetric care

  • Hospitalizations

  • Specialist care

  • Chronic pain management

  • Physical therapy/ OMT

  • Surgical procedures

  • UC/ED visits

Medical Marijuana

Simply Sweet Health offers medical marijuana cards

Medical Weight Loss

Simply Sweet Health offers medical weight loss therapy 

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It is an honor of ours to have you visit this site. I hope you will all spread the word about our Simply Sweet way of delivering healthcare to the community and become a Sweet Heart!

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions!