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Weight Loss

For most adults losing weight can be a challenge. Even with diet and exercise, some people need a boost to help jump start their weight loss.

Simply Sweet Health offers a 3 month weight loss program that is designed to give you the tools you need to begin your weight loss journey.

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Program Cost

At Simply Sweet Health we believe in transparent pricing for our services.

The cost of our program is $350 for 3 months of treatment and prescriptions.

Our members receive 1/2 off all program fees!

  • Step 1, initial visit***, which includes consultation, evaluation, EKG, and labs (CBC, CMP, Lipid, TSH, Vitamin D) is offered to patients for $150 (Members price is $75).

  • Step 2, If qualified for the weight loss program, and if you would like to proceed, there is a one-time fee of $200 to initiate treatment.

    • at the discretion of our clinic, patients have the option of receiving medically appropriate lipotropic injections ("Skinny Shots") that can be provided and is included in our program fee!

  • ​Step 3, follow up visits will occur at week 4, week 8, and week 12 at the program completion. These are provided at no additional cost and are included in our program fee!

* Certain medications require medical clearance by Nathaniel and are prescribed at the full discretion of our clinic.

** Weight loss cannot be guaranteed.

*** Step 1, initial visit fee is non-refundable and does not guarantee acceptance into the program. Your safety is our number one priority. In certain circumstances, you might be referred to a cardiologist (price of this service not included in our program fees) to obtain clearance in order to initiate our treatment program and is based on your particular medical history, current medications, and general risk.

Your Weight Loss, Our Goal for You!

At Simply Sweet Health we believe our success depends on your success. This is why we are offering our comprehensive Weight Loss Program at an affordable cost to you!